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What is Bannerbox?

Bannerbox makes it easy to embed display or interactive components onto your site with no code. To get started, install the Bannerbox script tag.

Why is this needed?

Product and Marketing people are tasked with growing registrations and conversions. To accomplish these goals, they work with engineering teams to add banners and modals onto an existing site in order to influence user behavior. This process is often slow and time consuming. Product and Marketing people want a tighter feedback loop. They want to quickly experiment with messaging and visuals. Bannerbox is a no-code component builder that solves this problem. Bannerbox makes it fast to add components to your site without engineering effort.

What can Bannerbox do?

Bannerbox takes your onsite marketing efforts to the next level. Use the component builder to design and customize banners and modals to achieve your needs.

Currently Bannerbox offers five different banner styles

  • Bar style
  • Modal style
  • Slider style
  • Alert style
  • Full page style

You can test your changes before publishing.

The editor supports basic text styling, links, lists and custom layouts. In the coming weeks we will roll out support for buttons, images and containers. This will allow you to build richer banners.

Long term vision

We intend to make Bannerbox more flexible over time. Templates and integration with third party services is on the roadmap. Contact us for feature requests.