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Ideal for low traffic sites such as blogs and personal projects.
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10,000 impressions per month
Bannerbox watermark on banners
All banner types


$29/mo, 7-day free trial
Ideal for e-commerce stores and other online-businesses.
100,000 impressions per month
No watermark on banners
All banner types
Prioritized support


For large organizations that require custom solutions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How are impressions measured?
An impression refers to each time a banner is displayed on your website, regardless of whether it is clicked or not. Impressions are tabulated on a monthly basis, with each impression being distinct and tied to a specific banner. For example, let's consider a scenario: when a user visits your website and is exposed to a single banner, this instance is registered as one impression. It's important to note that subsequent visits by the same user within the same month do not contribute to the overall monthly impression count. Now, in another instance, if a different user navigates to your site and encounters two distinct banners, this situation is recorded as two separate impressions. Similarly, any repeat visits by the same user within the given month do not count towards the monthly tally of impressions.
What features are included with each plan?
Currently, all plans offer identical features. However, this is subject to change in the future, particularly to better suit the needs of our enterprise customers.
Do I need to enter my credit card information for the free Hobby plan?
No, the Hobby plan is completely free and does not require any credit card information.
Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan at any time?
Yes, you can upgrade from your account settings. To downgrade, cancel your subscription and enroll into a different plan. Contact us for assistance.
What are the limitations of the Hobby plan?
The Hobby plan offers 10,000 impressions per month and displays a Bannerbox watermark on your banners.
Can I use the banners created with the Hobby plan for my online business?
Yes, you can use banners created with the Hobby plan for any website.
Can I cancel my Business plan subscription at any time?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time, but you will continue to have access to the Business plan features until the end of the billing cycle.
How do I get pricing information for the Enterprise plan?
Please reach out to our sales team and they will provide you with personalized pricing based on your organization's needs.
Can I request specific features for the Enterprise plan?
Absolutely! We understand that large organizations may have unique requirements. Our team will work closely with you to develop a custom solution that meets your needs.